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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Devotions - Day 5

Luke 2:3 And everyone went to his own town to register.

When we register something, we record it. A cash register receipt gives us a record of our purchase. We register our cars with DMV to verify they belong to us. We register for classes at college, so when we appear we are given access and validated as an authentic student. When something “registers” with us, it suddenly makes sense to us and we understand. It comes from the Latin regerere, to record : and gerere, to carry.

Today, why not pick up an inexpensive notebook or journal, and begin to record moments of this Christmas season? Maybe it will be a thought or feeling, or perhaps you will jot down something one of your children or friends said to you that brought a smile to your face. Possibly it will be a prayer, or a Bible verse, or a song lyric. 

Make a record of your life for the next 20 days, because these days belong to you – they are each a gift from God. Validate them – they are precious. Carry the memories into the future with a few simple words on a piece of paper. Who knows - years from now you may read this record of your Christmas 2013 journey, and the story will register deep within you, bringing back a wonderful blessing that might have been long forgotten, a newly discovered Christmas gift unwrapped all over again.

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